India is a land of Diversity .Everything starting from language, dialect, , clothes , traditions, art   to festivals has its own flavour and essence . We, at, hereby bring you a chance to become a part of this Indian Experience and also contribute to the Improvement in the Living Standards of the Indian artisans. The people who have carried these century long art form, passed on from one generation to another, must be rewarded.

 We hereby present you The Traditional, The Ultimate Indian Blessing of Art and traditions. It is a small initiative to bring to you the work of Indian Artisans, the centuries  old art forms, and in the process  promote these Art work and attires all over the country as well as globally. This is also for all those Indians, who are away from their country but still want to be connected to the Indian traditions and art works .So for the love of Indian traditional art We will leave no stones unturned to bring to you the work of Indian artisans .Here, we offer the artisans a platform where they can promote, display and sell their products directly to the end customers. We don’t charge any profit on these products.


What We Do:

We create the platform to meet artisans directly to the end user from around the world.We provide the pure hand made products and crafts to the buyer around the world from the unexplored areas of world where artisans creating priceless traditional to the customers.

What We Want:

We want to bring jobs and working opportunity to craftsmen and artisans and improve their living standard.We in handscart connect artisans and provide them platform to sell their stuff directly to end user.

How We Do:

We have tie up with hundreds of artisans from around the world and bring unexplored handicraft back to the public and market and creating awareness about the hidden tradition of society which is going to be lost in 21st generation.


About Founder’s:

Handscart is the idea of young crazy mind people who want to bring change in society by providing a better living environment to the artisans and craftsmen of world. We are group of young guys from different background come together to provide a unique platform to selling different art’s and crafts of countries.

Lalit Gautam,Bachelor in Pharmaceutical,MBA in marketing and finance from NIT,Jaipur with having experience of few years in multi national companies.


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