Kitchen Ware

Black Pottery/ Longpi Stone Pottery has a very old history. “LOREE HAMLEI” as Black pottery is traditionally called is also called Royal Pottery because only rich and dignified noble families of Manipur could earlier afford to have them and used for cooking, specially for meat on the occasion of marriages, festivals, etc.Although today several decorative items are part of Longpi’s expanding repetoire, the fact that it was concieved for utility cooking , gives the pottery basic hardiness, retained by every single piece of creation. The pots , while they withstand any domestic fuel heat, are particularly good for slow, simmering cooking over benign stove for hours, homogenizing and condensing, meat and lentils. For a long time after it is taken off direct heat, the contents of the pot will continue to sizzle anr the pot will ensure the food remains hot. All these pots from Manipur are Gas and Microwave friendly

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