Batak Carpet


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Product Description

Batak Craft is a social enterprise that works towards skills and livelihood development for the vanishing Batak Tribe of Palawan, Philippines. We are so excited to share their story – and their beautiful hand-woven bamboo baskets

Minimum Order Quantity- 5

Material- Bamboo


Uses- Household
Batak Craft aims to rehabilitate the vanishing Batak Tribe’s physical and cultural health by addressing the root causes of their depopulation through enterprise facilitation: specifically, by creating a sustainable basket-weaving business for the Batak.

The Batak are very shy by nature, so when we asked them what they would like to say to you, their supporters, this happened (haha). In this video, you will see Batak women weavers, Benita, Joy and Mila (from left to right), coaxing each other to face the camera to express their gratitude.

How are Batak baskets different, from say, ones bought from IKEA or general home decor shops?
Well for one, you get to know your Batak weaver. We include her photo along with your basket. And if you’re up to it, we ask you to record a video message so we can show it to her when we return. We also record a thank you message from your weaver to you!
Although there’s no electricity or good mobile signal up the mountains, this is one way that we can help you cultivate a relationship with the Batak makers.