Beads Lac Bangle

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Beautiful beads lac bangles for girls and women for occasions like wedding,party,casual meetings etc.Lac bangles made by the lac a type of clay after burn and using mirror pieces.

Material- Lac and beads

Sizes- Small,Medium,Large

Unit- one piece

About Artisan and Products-

Lac is a resinous secretion of Lac-producing insects such as Laccifer lacca, Carteria lacca and Tachardia lacca. These pant sucking insects colonize on the branches of host trees to produce scarlet resinous pigment. Later the coated branches of the host trees are cut and harvested as sticklac. These sticklac are crushed, sieved and washed several times to remove impurities.
Extremely popular in Rajasthan, Mirror Lac bangles look contemporary yet ethnic. These Rajasthani mirror lac bangles steal the show with their antique designs and glitter. These bangles come in a variety of latest designs complementing with the modern taste to suit the personal style statement of women.To decorate lac bangles in bright and admirable designs, craftsman imparts intricate designs on it. Rhinestone crystal, vibrant colors, semi precious stones, pearls, mirror and glass work are used to embellish these bangles. Lac bangles are in a great demand.


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