Bleu D Auvergne AOC 50%

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One of our most popular blue cheese, Bleu D Auvergne is a respected AOC cheese. It was first created in 1854 by a Roquefort maker and is very popular among cheese lovers all over the world. It is made from cow’s milk and has 50% fat content. Penicillin Roquefort is inoculated into the milk. Bleu D’ Auvergne is spicy and salty with a hint of wild flowers that gives it quite an Earthly taste. It ages for about a month before it is sold on the marketplace.

Storage: refrigerated

MOM: 8 oz Cut Portion (0.45 lbs- 0.55 lbs)
Cheese is a product loved by all, with great fame. It is vastly popular among the French people who could recite by heart many names of cheese, together with their original regions of production. People love cheese generally rather than any particular type. Overall, cheese therefore maintains a classy reputation with pride of place on the dinner table. Cheese has a great image: it is respected for both its excellent flavour and as a help when entertaining, as it is so easily offered and appreciated by guests. It carries a positive image in terms of health, thanks to the calcium, proteins and energy it provides – though there is also a perception in some consumer’s minds that it is a fatty food, providing calories and cholesterol and this checks use by women and older consumers.