Carved Wooden Owl Sculpture


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Size: 12L x 8W x 20H (cms).

Weight: 350grams.



strong>About Art- Wooden Animal Crafts

Handicrafts have been in Indian culture for a long time. These come with high utilitarian value. These are being used for decoration and quotidian purposes for a long time. These are available in different varieties such as metal, clay, marble, and wood etcetera. Among these varieties, wooden handicrafts are used significantly for decoration. Amazing wood carving and beautiful design are the main reasons behind their huge popularity. These items vary according to type and quality of wood used. Since there are different varieties of wood available in India, those handicrafts also vary in terms of quality and designs.

India is an only country with diversity in culture and climate of different regions. This diversity is reflected among different elegant handicrafts in India. These handicrafts are famous worldwide because of this diversity. There are different and unique styles in wood carving developed in different regions. This art is also influenced by availability of different trees which are used as raw materials. Just like other arts, this art also requires a lot of practice to bring perfection in handicrafts. Before starting, you require a good piece of wood and a sharp tool. There are different types of wood carving techniques. There are the most famous four mentioned below. You have to choose a suitable technique according to your ability.

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Since there are variations in cultures in different parts of India, wood carving techniques are also found varied. These techniques are employed in producing high quality handicrafts with elegance. Wooden elephant is one of the amazing products of these carving techniques. Elephant has always been a symbol of power and magnificence. Various sculptures of these were used by kings and emperors for decoration of their palaces. They used to keep various craftsmen with different skills who crafted wooden elephants for them. Such sculptures are also available in different varieties and Ambabari statue is one of these.

There is a palanquin on back of these wooden sculptures. There is a king sitting in this palanquin and mahout riding elephant or camel or horse These sculptures have amazing wood carving designs. Ambabari statue with Star cutting work is one of these designs gaining popularity nowadays. This statue is preferred by various art lovers. It can be found at Indian Crafts with height of 8 inch. This amazing piece is carved by skilled craftsmen from a single piece of cedar wood. It is a perfect item for interior decoration. Its amazing design will make guests admire you a lot. It is also suitable for gifting at various occasionssuch as marriages, anniversaries etcetera.

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Rajasthan is an ideal place to look for old-worldly doors and windows, wooden jharokhas, tables with cast iron jaalis, side-boards, chairs, benches, jhoolas or swings and dressers, sometimes fretted with brass and copper sheets for decoration. They can be lightly carved or embellished with tiles. Jaipur and Ramgarh in Shekhawati are popular centers for furniture but Jodhpur gets the first place. The notable places are Shekhawati and Bikaner for traditional woodwork, Jodhpur and Kishangarh for painted wooden furniture, Shekhawati, Bikaner and Ramgarh for delicately carved wooden doors, Barmer for woodcarvings such as images of gods and goddesses, elephants, parrots, human and animal figures, Tilonia for leather-embroidered chairs of Tilonia and Shekhawati for carved-back, string-bottom chairs. The most remarkable and finest type of artwork belongs to Bikaner. Known as Gesso work, it is made using the inner hide of the camel, which is scraped till it is paper-thin and translucent and is then molded into various forms of lampshades, hip flasks, perfume phials or vases.

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Whittling is one of the oldest forms of wood carving technique. Whittling refers to cutting the small bits from wood with pocket knife. Whittling is known for its sharp and texture cuts made on wood craftthat leave knife strokes. Whittling the sculptures make them very angular. There are different knives such as hooked knife, Finesse knife and tri-jack pro made only for perfect whittling.

Relief wood carving is an old technique that is not much popular, but it is still used by many carvers. In this carving, a sculpture is formed out of a flat wood unlike other techniques. Flat wood is carved in such way that it