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Handmade chocolate from just whao our artisan cum chef own creation for special occasion like festival,Christmas, marriage or parties. Complete hand made with real choco and cocao powder with caramel in different flavours of fruits, stuff or truffle.

Content- Chocolate

Packaging- Available in Customize Box, Heart Shape Box, Diwali Pack Etc- Mention During Order

Pieces- 2, 3,6 and 9 – Mention During Order

Price For Centre Stuffing- 8 Pieces 

Flavour– Fruits-Orange,Leechy,Strawberry,Black current,Mint,Ilayachi,Vanila,Butterscotch,Chilli,Mango,Plain Dark Chocolate.

Centre Stuffing– Cashew,Almond,Caramel,Peanut,Hazelnut,Peanut butter,Raisin,Gulkand,Date-mint,Dry fruit with honey mix.

Truffles Balls– White Chocolate,Milk Chocolate,Dark Chocolate,Coconut,Cranberry,Nuts,Peanut Butter,Hazelnut Truffle,Strawberry Truffle,Raspberry Truffle,Alomnd Truffle,

shipping- Urgent

Keep In cold place

Fully Customize- We customize as per your demand and requirements.

About Chef-

Neha is our young chef come chocolate artisan from city jaipur, passionate about chocolate experiment without any professional degree but expert in chocolate and bakery items.
About Art- Handmade Chocolate

It started with a single cocoa bean a few centuries ago, grew up into a famous drink and then after thousands of tactics and techniques, the world got its first wrapped chocolate bar from Hershey. Since then and hereafter, all that the chocolate industry has got and will get; is continuous overall development. Along with the pioneering nations like America, chocolate industry in India also is aiming for the pinnacle over the past years. just whao is a “sweet” venture that can be referred to as evergreen for businessmen all around the globe. With the sales soaring higher than ever before, the chocolate industry today has lucrative entrepreneurial promises in stock.

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The chocolatiers in India have made the industry successful by bringing it up to a value of rupees 6500 million with a gigantic commercial esteem. We have two major players competing in the market. Cadbury India is the leading head with 70%of the market share. Nestle entered late into the venture but is the second largest chocolate industry in India. Amul also is one of the trusted names in business. While Cadbury has the most loved brands like perk, gems, five star and dairy milk among many more, in its name; Nestle introduced the international brands like Kit Kat and Lions in the country.

What is the best way to reduce a forty something civilised adult into a prattling saliva drooling creature? Well, try chocolates. They really do produce that effect on humans. So it comes as a surprise that there aren’t too many chocolatiers in India who can really capitalise on the uncanny power cocoa has on us.


By chocolatiers one does not mean your friendly neighbourhood aunty who occasionally dabbles in homemade chocolates. That is how, sadly, most people understand the fine art of chocolate making in India. But in reality it requires both creativity and specialised knowledge.

For long dark chocolates could only be obtained from foreign returned relatives. We thought that they were among those items destined to remain elusive for Indians. Commercial chocolates such as Cadbury’s or Nestle were all one had to satiate oneself with. But these are horror tales from the yore.

So it’s certainly not early to say that the era when fine dark chocolate was only a gift from abroad is long gone. Enthusiastic entrepreneurs like neha today are setting up the trend of bringing home the fine art of chocolate making. They pursue the knowledge required for successful endeavour in this regard. What seemed like impossibility in the beginning has now turned out to be a famous destination for many in the capital.


The scarcity of more such people is the lack of trained professionals and better courses in India, and the fact that everybody cannot afford an elite international course. The best available option in jaipur is the chocolate academy established by Neha, which offers a course at par with the international standards. Starting your own venture in the chocolate field is never cheap, but then the gains are high as well.

When I started everyone was sceptical. But now, it is a huge industry and is growing exponentially,” she remarks. It is expanding because there is a growing populace of connoisseurs who are not after sweetness (which is what mass produced chocolates provide) but the texture and the nuanced taste.