EXTRA VIRGIN OIL Manovaritale Biancolilla Line

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The Sicilian variety panorama is affected by the dominance of almost 8 cultivar typologies. The enterprise cautionary chooses a monovarietal oil. The
green extra virgin olive oil Biancolilla possesses a fruity aroma, light, delicate and with some spicy traces.

Region: Sicily.
Zone: Aragona (AG)
Altitude: 600 m slm.
Picking System: by hand.
Picking Period: Ottober–November
Color: Brillant Green.
Fruity: Medium-Intense
Palate: Spicy and Gladly Bitter
Packaging: Dark Green Bottle, LT. 0,50- 0,25

MOQ: 6 Lt.
The umbrella-shaped Biancolilla trees that flourish along Sicily’s sunny coast bear the pale oval olives that create this medium fruity oil that pairs well with raw fish, shellfish and vegetables.