Extra Virgin Olive oil Bio Line

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Product Description

The olive oil mill is monitored by the Italian agency, ICEA (Ethic and Environmental Institute of Certification) and it is available to provide to its customers its Bio Line, from biological agriculture.

Cultivar Characteristics:
Nocellara, Biancolilla, Passulunara.
Region: Sicily.
Zone: Aragona (AG)
Altitude: 600 m slm.
Picking System: by hand.
Picking Period: Ottober – November
Color: Brillant Green.
Fruity: Medium-Intense
Palate: Spicy and Pleasantly Bitter
Packaging: Dark Green Bottle, LT. 0,50-0,25


Bio Oil Lt. (0,50) – 6 Lt
Bio Borgoliva line is made of different olives varieties. In order to avail of the “Bio indication” it is necessary to respect all biological agricolture control system, normatives and the provision of raw material processing. Fontanara has been certified by SIDELcab Authority.