INZOLIA IGP Sicilian Lands

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Wide and peculiar eccence of a Sicilian local variety: a charming complex with fruity traces that exalt its uncomparable freshness. Its saltiness matches perfectly with seafood and shellfish.

Wine variety: Pure Inzolia; rammed corded back plant; 5000 density plants with 120q/ha performance. The wine variety is settled to 60-70m slm.

Classification: IGP.

Origin: Area around Pachino, Noto and Rosolini.

Production: Picked by hand during half September wine harvest period. Monitored fermentation during the harvest to 20°/25° C.

Refinement: in steel box, 2 months in bottle.

Color: Faint straw colored yellow.

Perfume: Fruity with flower and citrus traces.

Taste: Fresh, salty and soft.

Alchool Grade: 12,5 %

Technical Aspects: Box Dimensions 23x16x30 cm; Pallet quantity: 125 boxes.