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This Handcrafted serving tray stand is made of wood and decorated with Gemstone Painting. The painting is hand made with finely crushed real gemstones on a glass base. It is an ideal utility item for your Office & also at home to hold Pen, Pencils and other small stationery items.

Material: Wood
Painting: Gemstone
Size : LxBxH: 13x4x5 1 inches


About Artisan and Products-
Our artist Kishore ji is working on wooden handicrafts since child hood,as per him his father and his fore father was working for same business.they specialise in wooden gift sets,bani thani paintings,key holder etc and marble decor as well.
This artistically designed wooden gifts sets frame is made in termite proof wood and has beautiful etchings and carvings. It carries the photo poster of Rajasthani lady popularly known as Bani-Thani. It can also be used as a mirror, photo frame or wall hanging. You can capture the lovely memories of your life in this antique photo frame. A beautiful Rajasthani image fixed in this photo frame adds charm to its beauty. It is a pretty handcrafted, antique finish pineapple design wooden Jharokha.


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Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Orange, Pink, Red, White


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About Art:- Gemstone and BaniThani Craft’s 

The art of ground gemstone painting comes from the state of Rajasthan, India. The specialty of these paintings is the usage of semi precious stones which give the compositions richness and luster. It is a branch off the original Glass painting technique that was introduced to India due to the patronage given to the Chinese artists in the 18th Century by the kings of the time.

This fully handmade product requires immensely skilled workers with abundant imagination and patience to paste the powder on the reverse of the glass sheet meticulously and methodically to highlight the various shades and tones.

The gemstones used in the paintings are all natural, and hence never lose their color. No artificial or dyed stones are used. The paintings have a richness, not just by virtue of the gemstone materials used but due to the sensible usage of the vibrant colors, energy the atmosphere in which the painting is showcaseddownload (1)

The Gemstone painting, as the name suggests, is made of real or semi-precious gemstones. The real stones used include emerald, ruby, blue sapphire, yellow sapphire, multi colored sapphires and pearl. These stones are ground to a fine dust, and placed and pasted on the backside of an acrylic or glass sheet pinhead point by pinhead point. No machinery is used; the work is done entirely by hand. It is then but natural that what is of utmost importance is the skill and precision of the artist. It is the imagination and aesthetic sense that guides the artists in their work, as they carefully bring the themes to life. The result is a painting aglow in the very brilliance of life itself.

The gemstones used in the paintings are all natural, and hence never lose their color. No artificial or dyed stones are used.It is the art of painting that has captured the life of India, in its many hues and moods. And what more exquisite way to do so, than in the sparkle of a gemstone painting.

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Maru Gurjara Art -is an ancient Rajasthani art that developed during the early sixth century period in and around Rajasthan.Colorful tradition of Rajasthanis reflects in art of paintings as well. This painting style is called Maru-Gurjar Painting. It throws light on the royal heritage of ancient Rajasthan. Under the Royal patronage various styles of paintings developed, cultivated and practiced in Rajasthan and reached its pinnacle of glory by 15th to 17th centuries. The major painting styles are phad paintingsminiature paintingskajali paintingsgemstone paintings etc. There is incredible diversity and imaginative creativity found in Rajasthani paintings.

Phad paintings (Mewar Style of painting) is the most ancient rajasthani art form. Phad paintings, essentially a scroll painting done on cloth, are beautiful specimen of the Rajasthani cloth paintings. These have their own styles and patterns and are very popular due to their vibrant colors and historic themes.The Phad of God Devnarayan is largest among the popular Pars in Rajasthan. The painted area of God Devnarayan Ki Phad is 170 square feet. Some other Pars are also prevalent in Rajasthan, but being of recent origin they are not classical in composition. Another famous Par painting is Pabuji Ki PhadPabuji Ki Phad is painted on a 15 x 5 ft. canvas. Other famous heroes of Phad paintings are GogajiPrithviraj ChauhanAmar Singh Rathore etc.

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The religious compositions are generally of Gods Ganesh, Balaji, Radha Krishna, Baby Krishna, Shiva, etc. Saints Sai, Guru Nanak, Mahaveer are also favorite compositions. Generally the technique can be applied to compose any God. The God compositions are often set in tones of rich orange, yellow, rust with a glowing halo symbolizing an aura Compositions set in a landscape show the sky is predominately as the background. The sky is either seen in gradients of blue depicting daylight or gradients of red, orange and rust as if set in sunset or sunrise.



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