Shropshire Blue Cheese

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Most describe Shropshire as a cross between the blue Stilton and the dense and crumbly Cheshire cheese. The result, as you can guess, is a dense and crumbly blue cheese! Quite a newcomer for cheese standards, it originated in Inverness, Scotland, and is now actually made in dairies in Nottinghamshire, Great Britain. You’ll love that it’s as sharp as a Stilton, but creamier. Pair with Port.

Storage: refrigerated
In France, it was the monasteries that began the delicious tradition that is French cheese. The monks took great care and pride in their cheese, being meticulous in their creation.

A bit of experimentation ensued and so we have numerous varieties today. Through the years, the French people have refined the work of producing milk, extracting the curd and turning it into intense regional flavor meaning that it really is possible to be a French cheese expert.

French cheese has come to command an important reputation on the world stage, for example, brie may be produced anywhere, but a brie with the “Produce of France” stamp denotes a certain standard, thereby demanding a higher price.