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Simple slip on with perfect combination of style and comfort made by LARINN. Leather lining, handwoven fabric and natural dyed from Lumpoon were painstakingly hand sewn by the best artisan.

Tlejourn | Walk to Clean Ocean
Shoes sole are made of up cycling ocean debris collected by volunteer group, Trash Hero. Approximately 10 ocean flip flops from around Thailand beaches were used per each pair of shoes.

Tlejourn | Social Responsibility
Fabric were pick from village in Lumpoon where villagers handwoven and naturally dye hence come in very limited quality. Once sold out it will never be able to match the same shade again. Each pair will come with bag packaging hand sew by Deep South vulnerable women group with Pateh Patani fabric.

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Sizes- S M L

MOQ- 5 Pairs
tlejourn project has been started for 3 years until now. In the first start, I named my project as “revived shoe trash”, but now it has been changed to be “Tlejourn shoe : Wanderer”. The aim of project is to reduce amounts of trash in the sea and along the beach, which cause of death of sea animals by eating the trash and harm to human health by accidently eating some sea animal having microplastics inside.

Moreover, this is one way to recover and protect our natural attractions. Our group has been organized at Rubber Technology and Polymer Science Department, Faculty of Science and Technology, Prince of Songkla University, Pattani Campus under supervision of Dr.Natthapong Nithi-Uthai. Green Fins, which is a network of drive operators working to protect an impacts/benefits of coral reefs based on the concept of environmentally-friendly guidelines, sent us the huge amount of shoe trash from Lipe island to drive our project.

First, we decided to transform these shoe trash to be rubber flooring sheet and sent them back to trial in the island. There, we have met one more group of volunteers who works to protect natural resources by collecting all the trash in Lipe island called “Trash Hero Thailand”. They can collect more than 100,000 shoes within 3 months. Later on, we tried to produce a new product from these trash, that is shoe sole. The shoe sloe has been designed to be fashionable by covering with local batik from Local Women Group Association. This is also a good way to PR our local product and to increase the villager incomes.